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Activity calendar

A stay at Egn Bed & Breakfast is a pampering that applies to all senses and all times of the year. 
Of course, there are different facets of this pampering at different times during the season.

Many of our guests therefore also like to visit several times during the year. 
Below you can see an overview of our planned events.

Image by henry perks

The celebration of midsummer culminates with Skt. His evening, where Restaurant Egn welcomes a sumptuous fish and seafood buffet in a class of its own.

Bread Sale 2022

In 2022, we will again sell our home-baked buns and rye bread - butter-baked croissants and our delicious tea birches to the morning-fresh guests.

Image by 42 North
Music in Egn

As something new, we have invited Aimee Bobrook to play with us on an evening where we serve Jesper's take on delicious tapas.


Christmas at Egn Bed & Breakfast

Gourmet Christmas food and service in top Fridays and Saturdays up to Christmas. We will again this year put together a gourmet Christmas menu, which is our best offer for a complete and tasteful Christmas table.

South African wine night until September

Join us for an exclusive experience for guests, neighbors and other interested parties, where wine and food of the highest quality are served and enjoyed in the beautiful surroundings of Restaurant Egn. The wine is delivered and presented by Hans from Lesedi Wine.

Book your tickets now, as there are limited seats here.

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Welcome to Møn! A small island with a unique nature, where white chalk cliffs on Møns Klint tower dramatically against the turquoise sea and where there are fantastic forests and beaches just around the next corner. It's all spiced up with local farm shops and galleries, the cozy trading town of Stege

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