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Bread sale at Egn


30 June - 6 August 2023

Open daily 

at 8.00 - 10.00


Late summer

7 August - 20 August 2023

Open Saturdays and Sundays 

at 8.00 - 10.00


Light sourdough bun
Jesper's own sourdough, organic island wheat, organic tipo 00 wheat flour and sea salt

Whole Grain bun

Jesper's own sourdough, organic island wheat, organic tipo 00 wheat flour, organic spelled flour, cracked wheat kernels, millet seeds, sesame seeds and sea salt

Dark malt bun
Jesper's own sourdough, organic malt flour, organic tipo 00 wheat flour and sea salt

Butter-baked croissants

Organic milk, organic eggs, organic yeast, organic wheat flour, sea salt and organic butter

Butter-baked mini tea birches

Organic milk, organic cane sugar, organic eggs, organic yeast, organic wheat flour, organic marzipan, sea salt, organic butter and blue birch

Egn's home-baked Klintekrone

Organic wheat flour, Thise organic butter, water, organic cane sugar, organic whole milk, organic egg, organic yeast, organic orange, salt without iodine, organic lemon juice, organic rapeseed oil and organic vanilla.

Our assortment


There are not many restaurants located in the middle of one of Denmark's best pantries. It makes ours and it can be tasted - Egn offers a wonderful culinary experience - simple and informal gourmet food with a focus on local ingredients.

Couple in Nature
UNESCO Biosphere

Møn and the surrounding islands; Farø, Bogø and Nyord as well as the water that brings together the islands were in 2017 named Denmark's first biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Møn and the surrounding islands are a very special place where there is completely unique nature.

Dark Skies

On Møn and Nyord you can experience "Dark Sky" - a unique night sky protected from local light pollution, where millions of stars flash and give you the clearest view of the starry sky.  

Camønoen - 10 fantastic stages

The Camøno offers several unique nature experiences on its way. The garden stage goes right past Egn's front door, it couldn't be easier.  

Magnificent nature

Great nature experiences await when you come to Møn. With Møns Klint, Nyord and Dark Sky Park as the absolute top attractions, the Møn nature can impress the whole family. Here is both space to enjoy the tranquility and to provide that gas with wild outdoor activities

My Favorite Song
It happens on Møn

Møn's many enthusiasts are always busy with projects, events or other exciting events somewhere on the island. See the upcoming events here.

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