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Sustainability - our responsibility

It is crucial for us to run a Bed & Breakfast in a way that does not prey on nature, but on the contrary finds solutions that respect nature and help it flourish again.

Since Egn was established in 2021, we have worked with the efforts below, which have been based on our core values of presence, gastronomy and nature, and which have also been the starting point for our ambitious strategy to run a hotel on nature's premises

We have chosen that every day we do everything we can to give more back to nature and each other than we take, therefore Egn  wants to be part of something bigger but a small part of the climate statement.


Green energy

We work every day to contribute to a more sustainable world. We have just made several major energy-saving changes which significantly reduce our CO2 emissions. A final goodbye to black power, we only use green power, hello to LED lighting are some of the steps we have just taken to contribute to a more environmentally friendly everyday life. 

The Full Story


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Egn Bed & Breakfast focuses on the many dilemmas involved in working ambitiously with sustainability and being a responsible company. We have been on the journey for many years, and we want to share our experiences, challenges, worries and victories with the world in order to inspire even more people to start taking responsibility for the world they are a part of.


We have taken a bite of the apple

We have taken a bite of an apple, which has made us think about whether we are now also doing the right thing. After all, we want to leave as positive an impression on the world as possible.


It lies in our entire ambition to run our B&B on nature's premises. That is why we have so much focus on ecology. Even so, or precisely because of this, we occasionally have doubts.


As now with the apple: It is grown by one of our local suppliers, and we greatly appreciate both the apple, the producer and the fact that the transport largely does not burden the climate. But the apple is grown conventionally.


What weighs more heavily: ecology or local produce? It is one of the many dilemmas we encounter when we want to take responsibility for climate, environment and people. One thing is certain: We always try our best and make the choice that is best for nature. 

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