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Self Check-in

  • To the left of the front door there is a key box - box number you have received by SMS/email

  • Push the protective cover (A) down

  • Set the code (B) - you have received by SMS/email

  • Press the button (C) down

  • Remove the room key

  • Close the door again with unchanged number combination

  • Turn the code wheels to any digits (B)

  • Push the protective cover (A) up

​Instructions for guests for rooms 1 - 4

​Instructions for guests with rooms 1 - 4

  • You find your room by going to the right from the main entrance.

  • Rooms 1 - 3 have terraces right next to the garden - the entrances are found here.

  • Room 4 you go down the terraces and through the door.

​Instructions for guests for rooms 5 - 9​

​Instructions for guests with rooms 5 - 9

  • You find your room by going left from the main entrance and around the corner. Here is the side door to the reception.

  • The door is opened with the small black chip found on your keys.

  • When you enter, you turn straight to the right and go through the door in the corner.

  • The stairs lead up to the first floor, where you will find your room.

​Instructions for
Glamping Pods 10 -11​

​Instructions for guests in Glamping Pods no. 10 and 11

  • Your little Glamping Pod can be found by turning towards the car park. Here you can see the two small pods in the "wild" garden on your right.

  • The bathing and toilet facilities are upat the main building.

  • On your key fob you will see a small black dongle/chip, this will work for the side door to reception/main entrance - you will find this entrance when you turn left from the front door and round the corner.

  • When you enter, you will find the toilet by going straight past the sofas and turning right by the large white buffet. Also follow the signs.

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