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At Sankt Hans, we celebrate the longest day of the year with a Seafood Buffet

Mark the calendar 

Friday 23 June 2023

at 18:00 - 21:30

Now you have the chance to make a little extra out of this year's Saint Hans and enjoy an exquisite seafood buffet menu incl. welcome bubbles. As tradition dictates, the evening is of course rounded off with both a bonfire and midsummer songs down by the beach.

Price per person 

DKK 795.00


Oysters - Celery - Horseradish

Blue mussel - Curry - Smoked cheese

Scallop Aguachile

Lobster - Tomato - Basil

Monkfish - Parsley - Garlic

Mackerel - Cabbage - Herbs - Asparagus

Fennel - Elderflower - Strawberry

Image by Davide Cantelli
Image by Barna Kovács

Not many restaurants are located in the middle of one of Denmark's best dining rooms. It's ours, and it can be tasted - Egn offers a delightful culinary experience - simple and informal gourmet food with a focus on local ingredients.

Camønoen - 10 fantastic stages

The Camønoen offers several unique nature experiences on its way. The garden stage goes right past Egn's front door, it couldn't be easier.  

My Favorite Song
It happens on Mon

Møn's many zealots are always busy with projects, events or other exciting arrangements somewhere on the island. See the upcoming events here.

Dark Skies

On Møn and Nyord you can experience "Dark Sky" - a unique night sky protected from local light pollution, where millions of stars twinkle and give you the clearest view of the starry sky. 

Couple in Nature
UNESCO Biosphere

Møn and the surrounding islands; In 2017, Faroe, Bogø and Nyord and the water that unites the islands were named Denmark's first biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Møn and the surrounding islands are a very special place where there is absolutely unique nature.

Magnificent nature

Great nature experiences await when you come to Møn. With Møns Klint, Nyord and Dark Sky Park as the absolute top attractions, Møns nature can impress the whole family. Here there is both space to enjoy the tranquility and to give it gas with wild outdoor activities

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